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Crocodile Dundee 4 News
Well, Paul was supposed to have started work on part 4 in late 2003. However, since then there has been no word on its progress. As we have missed the chance of a 20th anniversary release, the only real hope is to wait until 2011 and hope it is released then. Considering Paul's age and the lack of information/publicity I think it highly unlikely that we will see a part 4, and that although Paul may have had an idea for another sequel he has decided to call it a day. In all likelihood he probably mentioned in that he wouldn't mind doing another but the idea just never got of the ground. 

While i'd love to see another installment, the chances of it happening are now remote. After 6 years, work hasn't even begun on it, no funding has been sought and as far as we know the script has not even been finished yet. At this point we don't even know if Paul et al are still interested in pursuing the project any further, but all indications point to there being no part 4.

If anyone hears of any news please email me at brent@crocodiledundee.com

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